Sign Business Develops Entrepreneurs in the Computer-Aided Signmaking Industry

Sign Biz, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Teresa Young who established the business during a time when sign companies were neither retail-oriented nor computer-driven operations. Young, who anticipated the industry shift to B-to-B visual communications, opened the retail sign store concentrating on vinyl graphics and watched the industry grow into a broad advertising medium driven by computer-aided signmaking (CAS) able to offer unlimited design options for all size businesses.By leveraging the latest technology, the CAS industry continues to grow at a rate of approximately 13% each year with companies becoming increasingly able to fulfill even the largest sign orders, including those for Fortune 500 companies. “This is a huge industry that affords almost limitless niche development – from wall murals and vehicle wraps, to gorgeous 3-dimensional branding elements and lobby video signs. Nearly everyone can find a specialty that is thrilling and profitable,” explained Young.Today, Sign Biz has grown into the largest non-franchised retail sign chain with a network of nearly 200 store owners and is the only full-service business development company in the industry that requires no franchise fees or royalties from its store owners unlike its franchise counterparts.According to Sign Biz, Inc. VP of Business Development, Greg Salzano, the company’s business development program provides complete training, equipment and support with an “evergreen” agreement for the life of the business. “Our non-royalty program, when combined with the lifetime of support, personalized training and comprehensive equipment package truly allows Sign Biz Network Members to be an entrepreneur, yet have the support structure available as they need it,” said Salzano.Young believes that good prospects for joining the Sign Biz network are entrepreneurs willing to apply the company’s business model, and who also possess a positive outlook when trying new things. “We guide every new business owner through their first hire, their store design, their logo and branding elements. It is a partnership, so we look for those who want a strong partnership experience in a dynamic industry,” said Young.”We believe Sign Biz will continue to be on cutting edge when it comes to new offerings in the signage industry. We were the first sign chain to add Large Format Digital Print equipment into our package in the 1990′s, as well as the first to add Electronic Digital Signage in 2007. Our Network will continue to grow via both new shops and new technology in a market that is nowhere near saturation,” said Salzano.According to Salzano, new Sign Biz Network Members can be up and running within 75 to 120 days including a 30-day training period.For more information:

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How to Build a Potent Brand? (Six Clues)

It’s just not enough to be brilliant. People must know and remember that you are. Let’s face it, walking around feeling complacent and entitled because you know you’re brilliant is not a viable strategy, right? So if you want to be known, remembered and recognized, it’s critical you build a brand that not only positions you as brilliant – but as irresistible and indispensable, too. How do you do that? You create a potent brand.Potency defined OK. Let’s start with a definition of potency here just to get us all on the same page. The word ‘potent’ means (i) power; authority, (ii) efficacy; effectiveness; strength; and (iii) the capacity to be, become, or develop; one’s potentiality; and (iv) a person or thing exerting power or influence.In other words, the more potent your brand, the more powerful, authoritative, effective, strong and influential you are. The best part? A potent brand makes it easier for your world, so to speak, find you, get to know you and then, want to engage with you (work with you, employ you, salute you, etc.) You get the idea.So how do you start building a potent brand? The world is moving at a staggeringly fast pace. It’s never been more important to get a grip on your brand’s core values, what it stands for and why it’s meaningful.It starts with asking questions. Take a look at the six clues below plus questions. See how willing you are to give your brand a leg up, as they say. It’s likely to turbo charge your thinking. It’ll then, hopefully get you moving forward – and building a brand with potency.1 Be Chief Influential Officer of your Brand• Are you poised to become the Go-To-Resource within your area of expertise Y/N?• How willing are you when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone Y/N?• Are you ready to stake out your territory in a more authoritative way Y/N?• Is your Brand Pulse showing strong, pumping and vital signs? (the last time you checked?) Y/N?• Would you describe your brand as robust and hardy Y/N?• Is the world around you noticing you’re becoming a center of influence Y/N?2 Set the Right Tone for your Brand• Are you clear about the intention behind your brand Y/N?• Are you really communicating you are who you say you are Y/N?• Is your brand’s voice clear, authentic and aligned Y/N?• Are you regularly minding your brand’s behavior Y/N?• Is your brand’s attitude welcoming, empathetic and transparent Y/N?3 Start Seeing your Brand as your Platform• How committed are you to showing up in your brand Y/N?• Would you give yourself a high score when it comes to inspiring your world Y/N?• Do you actually think about changing the world Y/N?• Are you at ease speaking confidently from your brand platform Y/N?4 Pay Close Attention to your Brand’s Emotional IQ• Would you say your brand lands a high score when it comes to empathy Y/N?• Are you aware the world around you has feelings about you and your brand Y/N?• Do you think you might be keeping your world at arm’s length Y/N?• Do you focus on actually creating strong emotional connections in your communication Y/N?5 Focus on Being 120% Authentic• Are you spending much effort on creating a consistent brand Y/N?• Do you know exactly what a congruent brand looks like (let alone feels like?) Y/N?• Would the world around you give you a high score as an authentic brand builder Y/N?• Do you know that feeling when your brand is out of alignment Y/N?(You always know when the wheels of your car are out of alignment, right?)6 Face Facts: The Money’s in the BrandNote: Potent brands are profitable. The definition of business, after all, is about profit, purchases, commerce and volume of trade.• So are you paying enough attention to what your world really needs the most Y/N?• Does your brand consistently deliver what your world is craving Y/N?• Are you willing to let your brand go to work for you Y/N?OK. How potent is your brand feeling right now? P.S. Don’t ever forget that building your brand is always a work in progress. (That’s the good news Y/N?)Author: Mary van de Wiel (aka Van) is best known for her global expertise when it comes to coaxing out the real power in brands to dramatically increase sales. Van is founder and Creative Director of She is a weekly contributor to Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog and the author of soon-to-be-published Dead Brand Walking: A Brand Therapist’s Viewpoint. Follow her on Twitter @maryvandewiel

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Generating Leads for Network Marketing – The Marketing Mix

Generating qualified leads for your Network Marketing business can be either the key to success or the stumbling block. Network Marketing is all about connecting with people first, developing trust, likeability and giving value to the marketplace before selling to them by providing products and value they need.Typically, most people actively engaged in the business don’t have a marketing plan for generating Network Marketing leads and subsequently don’t generate leads on a consistent basis to gain the traction and momentum needed to succeed.One of the biggest stumbling blocks in this process is choosing a lead generating tactic that works. There are lots to choose from and quite often business owners find themselves going from one tactic to another without mastering one Network Marketing lead generation tactic, all of which are highly effective if done correctly. The old saying ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ is still as relevant today as it was when I was in the building industry..!I’m all for positive affirmations and positive thinking, but before you blindly head off generating leads, ensure you have a marketing plan. A plan that you can understand, implement and get results with. The following points will help you to formulate your Marketing plan.Remember that it’s all about generating qualified leads that don’t get put off when there’s work to do..!1. Understand Your Target MarketWho is your target market? Remember that it will usually be people looking for a solution to a problem if you’re going to use online lead generation methods. The first thing people do is type their problems into Google and YouTube, and the people looking for Network Marketing leads will usually be frustrated Networkers who have run out of warm market prospects looking for solutions because they don’t have a marketing plan or the knowledge for generating leads for their business.2. Define A Lead Generation TacticThere are lots of lead generation tactics, all of which are effective if they are done properly and to their fullest potential both free and paid. These lead generation tactics include Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Solo Ads, Facebook Advertising, Banner Ads the list is long, but don’t be fooled into thinking that paid advertising is better than non-paid or free methods of advertising, the common denominator is mastering one tactic, being effective with it then scaling up.If you are actively generating leads for Network Marketing or if you’re looking for an effective method of lead generation I would recommend article marketing as a wise time investment to produce a valuable asset that will give you leverage, longevity and sustainability in your business.Article marketing is a marketing plan that has been effective for most of the top leaders in the Network Marketing industry because done the right way, and to its fullest potential, article marketing is a powerful way to generate leads for Network Marketing. In order to execute this article marketing plan, you will need a couple of ingredients in your marketing mix:1. Article Marketing SystemThe article marketing system consists of getting high quality articles written with the researched relevant keywords woven into the title and body of the article, containing links to your lead capture pages. Once written, the article will need to be shared with your target audience and a back-linking campaign targeted to dominate your competition and make your article “Generating Leads for Network Marketing” be the first article people find.2. Lead Generation SystemThe vital step is your lead generating system. Having the right system in place will ensure that all your hard work researching and writing articles is put into action. The system will give you positive cash flow by offering a funded proposal where you profit by giving value to your subscribers even if they say no to your primary company, and the system will give you leverage by generating leads for Network Marketing on autopilot, which is when it gets really exciting!

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